петък, 29 август 2008 г.


Come on, come on
written & composed by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Some people remember the first time
Some can't forget the last
Some just select what they want to from the past
It's a song that you danced to in high school
It's a moon you tried to bring down
On a four-in-the-morning drive through the streets of town

Come on, come on, it's getting late now
Come on, come on, take my hand
Come on, come on, you just have to whisper
Come on, come on, I will understand

It's a photograph taken in Paris, at the end of the honeymoon
In 1948, late in the month of June
Your parents smile for the camera in sienna shades of light
Now you're older than they were then that summer night

It's a need you never get used to, so fierce and so confused
It's a loss you never get over the first time you lose
And tonight I am thinking of someone, seventeen years ago
We rode in his daddy's car down the river road

Come on, come on...

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