вторник, 27 май 2008 г.


Китарен звън. Павел.
Гъдулка. Георги Андреев.
Приказки и герои. Ники.
Гръм от котлон и чаши. Кико.
Птички и светлина. Вяра.
Синьо небе. Дани.
Волност. Дани.
Милост. Лора.
Калейдоскопи. Ели.
Нашепващо ехо. Pearl Jam.
Туптене и парк. Б.Т.Р.
Платноход и въжета. Цецо.

Отшумяваща песен.

Go Hollow boned and feathered she fell to him,
wriggling perdition she plucked
from deep within
Feasted high on flowering branches
the fruit of his heart
he gave willingly for her
Spring lilies-of-the-valley
From fresh wounds were gathered
thick sheaves of love
He lay open palmed to her world:
she stretched in arched abeyance,
holding thunderclap and starlight in one mind

Sad to see the season go
I'll miss the crackling of the air,
the loss of all I know
Sad to see the season go

Indian corn and the bitter taste of envy in the air
Mired now in cyclic decay. The nag of conquest
and an embrace of a withering world

Locked here these dreams of you,
imperfect dormant seeds
There is a dignity to this solitude,
a sparkling ambiguity
both liquid and solid at one time.

Cowboy Junkies.

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