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Bridge To Nowhere Built

Sep 22nd, 2007 by Alex

ALASKA- A Bridge leading to absolutely nowhere has been completed. The bridge took over 5 years to go using about 100,000 workers.

The bridge supposedly leads walkers to the wild land of Nowhere, but for the moments witnesses can not be found – probably because there are supposed to be a world of mystical creatures. Thousands are reported to have attempted to get to the other side.

“The bridge really leads you to nowhere,” Brian Gates, one of these enthusiasts, said. “I walked for almost two weeks straight, and I couldn’t see anything as far as the horizon.”

“I took my helicopter for a ride to see where the bridge goes and I couldn’t get to the end after several hours,” Jof Joer said.

The U.S. government claims that they had no part in funding the massive project that totalled 5 billion dollars to make. However, the authorities are under fire for spending tax payer’s money on a useless bridge.

“We pay so many taxes each year and what does the government do with it? Build a useless bridge that leads to nowhere”, Jop Francis complained.

Out of all the controversy, there is one person that claims to make it to the other side.

“I walked for days without rest. Finally I saw the end of the bridge. I ran to the end, and it was a whole different dimension. The grass was all purple, and the sky was stormy violet. I suddenly had a great urge to fall asleep. I slept on the grass there, and when I woke up I was home again”, Jason Cookie claims.


Не съм предполагал, че ще цитирам с такава радост.

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galya каза...

a таз история е едно от най-хубавите неща за днес :)

дани каза...

Понякога ми се иска да мога да чета на английски...

Niky каза...

Такъв един международен език - просто започваш и не можеш да спреш... :)

дани каза...

;) Може би четенето на италиански ми доставя по-голямо удоволствие ...защото е по-близко до сърцето ми :)